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MINT by Dr.Mintcheva

The history

Mint Beauty© revolutionizes the daily routine of dental care. Brushing your teeth should not be a boring and annoying necessity anymore – Mint Beauty © products are designed to make a soothing experience of daily hygiene. An experience that you are looking forward to. The dental care series Mint Beauty © was created by the renowned dentist Dr. med. Mariana Mintcheva, with whom she has combined the latest dental care findings with the highest quality ingredients to create products that pamper our oral cavity
. The result is innovative products that focus on health and the implicit beauty effect. The daily routine helps us to optimize the smile, in which our teeth are treated not only healthy but also aesthetically.

Dr. Mariana Mintcheva

Become more well-meaning and self-confident 

 If you understand the smile as the center of our smile and care for it with the products of Mint Beauty©, which care for the needs in every respect, we will help you to become more well-meaning and self-confident. For the love of beauty and the urge to perfection of Dr. med. Mariana Mintcheva a unique care series for the entire oral cavity was created. Beautiful teeth can only look good in a well-groomed, healthy environment. Lips, gums and teeth need to be in line for optimal appearance. In search of the perfect products, Dr. med. Mariana Mintcheva designed a self-contained care range of beauty products for the oral cavity that has never before existed in this variety on the German market. All components are designed to work together to create a complete beauty and health program for the teeth, gums and lips. The morning ritual begins with.

Out of the motivation to be able to offer her patients something very special, the dentist Dr. med. Mariana Mintcheva designed its own beauty line, which focuses entirely on the beauty of the oral cavity. Mint Beauty © combines care and health to an effect that is literally breath-robbing. Starting with a remineralizing toothpaste, which has a cleansing and whitening, but also smoothing effect, to a lip gloss, which emphasizes the steel force of the teeth through its inconspicuous blue pigmentation. The beauty line Mint Beauty © covers all needs around the mouth area. The valuable ingredients of Mint Beauty © provide the basis, coupled with the tricks, based on Dr. med. Mariana MintchevasKnow-How, that give the smile the breathtaking glamour factor it deserves. Incidentally, the products of Mint Beauty © decorate the bathroom and the lip series find their place as an elegant accessory in the purse.

Dr. Mariana Mintcheva and her passion for beautiful teeth …

Dr. Mariana Mintcheva sees her truly as a vocation with the goal of making healthy and beautiful teeth accessible to everyone. The care products of Mint Beauty © not only have a nourishing effect, they also give the oral cavity a preventive-looking power and thus help to maintain the aesthetics. In search of „dental beauty“, Dr. Mariana Mintcheva went in 2008 to New York City. There she discovered for the first time the powerful potential of a beautiful smile. It was the joy to watch, the growing self-esteem, and the new life force in the treated patients that ultimately encouraged her to start a career in the field of aesthetic dentistry. The culmination of her career was on-site, which turned out to be a postgraduate, three-year stay at NY University where she was influenced by the pioneers of aesthetic dentistry. She returned to Germany with the degree „Master of Aesthetic“ and in 2014 founded her own practice „Discover White“ in the heart of the Düsseldorf Media Hafen.

Since then, she has dedicated all her energy to beautiful teeth: „Aesthetic dentistry is the renaissance of dentistry.“
Teeth should not only be healthy, but also beautiful, because they decorate our face much more than make-up or a beautiful hairstyle. A beautiful smile is our connection to the outside world and is considered a foreman for moments when we first get in touch. The first impression should not be left to chance, much more it should manifest as a captivatingly beautiful and perhaps also as an outstanding attribute of our counterpart. Today Dr. Mariana Mintcheva has become the German pioneer in this area. A pioneer with the mission to help and to keep each person on their way to a beautiful smile through the beauty line for the home Mint Beauty ©. „My biggest wish is to contribue to making people feel better, more beautiful and more self-confident. My products should make this possible for everyone.“