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The basis of all dental care - MINT Classic line with the MINT Daily Essentials

In this article we would like to introduce you to the MINT Daily Essentials and the MINT mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide from the Classic line. This all-round set can do everything your teeth need and makes a significant contribution to your overall oral and dental health.

What does MINT stand for? - For exclusive oral and dental care based on the latest technologies, natural ingredients and sustainability. Dental and dental aesthetic aspects are also taken into account, as is the preference for high-quality ingredients and environmental compatibility. This is where Dr. Dr.'s entire expertise lies. Mintcheva , one of the world's leading dentists in the field of aesthetic dentistry.

The MINT Classic line, like all MINT products, is based on innovative technologies and modes of operation that Dr. Mariana Mintcheva developed it for years and tested its effectiveness in numerous studies with the University of Indiana. Dr. Mintcheva made her pursuit of professional dental care for home use a top priority in order to be able to recommend dental care to her patients that actually delivers what it promises. She herself says: “This is the best dental care in the world”.

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The MINT Classic line

It is the ultimate care set for radiant teeth and natural radiance! This unbeatable trio, consisting of the two MINT toothpastes with and without fluoride and the refreshing mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide, forms the ideal basis for your daily oral care. Especially if you suffer from painfully sensitive teeth or easily irritated gums, but still don't want to miss out on effective teeth whitening, you've come to the right place. We would now like to introduce you to the individual components of the MINT Classic line with the MINT Daily Essentials in more detail and describe to what extent and from which technologies your oral and dental health will benefit. This set stands for:

  • Caries protection
  • Tooth enamel buildup
  • Natural teeth whitening
Toothpaste with fluoride and toothpaste without fluoride

MINT Daily Essentials - toothpaste with fluoride & toothpaste without fluoride

The MINT Daily Essentials toothpastes offer optimal dental care that is perfectly suited to both the morning and evening routine. The day begins with the fluoride-containing MINT toothpaste, which not only provides a noticeably smooth tooth cleaning effect, but also remineralizes the tooth enamel thanks to the fluoride and at the same time acts as a protective shield against tooth decay. So you can benefit from maximum protection and ultra-fresh breath all day long. Especially during the day, teeth need protection from acid and sugar to prevent tooth decay and erosion from occurring.

For your evening dental care, use MINT toothpaste without fluoride. The innovative active ingredient hydroxyapatite is used here, which not only repairs defective tooth enamel and builds it up sustainably. Hydroxyapatite is known as liquid tooth enamel and this toothpaste contains a very high concentration of it. This allows the tooth enamel to regenerate overnight. The result is that pain sensitivity disappears.

Both MINT Daily Essentials toothpastes work with the patented MPT1 Ultra Polish Technology© , the innovation from Dr. Mintcheva. This unique technology is at the heart of all MINT toothpastes and, with an RDA value of less than 37, guarantees high cleaning performance with extremely low abrasion. The scientific path took three years until Dr. Mintcheva and her team were finally able to integrate this technology into the toothpastes. The technology includes perlite as a natural cleaning agent, a volcanic glass that removes deep-seated stains in the tooth and also smoothes the tooth surface, making future stains more difficult to adhere. This reveals the natural whiteness of your teeth without putting any strain on the tooth enamel. A result like that of professional teeth cleaning.

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The RDA value: a critical factor

The RDA value (Relative Dentin Abrasion) is a measure of the abrasion resistance of a toothpaste. It indicates how much a toothpaste can affect tooth enamel and dentin during cleaning. A low RDA value indicates gentle cleaning, while a high value indicates a more abrasive effect. It is important to know the RDA value to better understand a toothpaste's effectiveness and possible effects on tooth enamel. Over time, excessive abrasion can cause too much tooth enamel to be worn away. It is important to know that tooth enamel is only 1 mm thin and can no longer be reproduced. This makes it all the more important that we treat him gently.

Studies on the RDA value

The University of Indiana conducted extensive studies on RDA values. They found that values ​​below 70 are considered safe for tooth enamel. A lower RDA value is therefore recommended for people with sensitive tooth enamel or gum problems. While products with higher RDA values ​​may provide more intensive cleaning, there is a possibility that they could wear away tooth enamel and irritate gums with prolonged use. You should keep in mind how often you use toothpaste and over how long. It is particularly important to look closely here, because our tooth enamel, the outer layer of the tooth that protects it from environmental influences, tooth decay and hot-cold sensitivity, is only 1 mm thin.

Good to know - ingredients fluoride & hydroxyapatite

The synergistic effect of hydroxyapatite and fluoride makes them unbeatable components for a comprehensive dental care routine.

Fluoride contributes significantly to the remineralization of tooth enamel, increases its resistance to acid attacks and has a preventive effect against tooth decay. It forms minerals such as fluorapatite and hydroxyapatite in tooth enamel, strengthening teeth and making them more resistant to tooth decay.

Hydroxyapatite, on the other hand, exhibits remineralizing properties by forming a protective layer to strengthen and protect tooth enamel. This layer smoothes the surface, fills any holes or unevenness and improves the hardness and resistance of the teeth.

The unique combination of these two active ingredients is crucial for promoting holistic dental health and effectively combating tooth decay. That's why we at MINT advocate the integration of fluoride and hydroxyapatite into the dental care routine.

MINT Daily Essentials – Differences and use of morning and evening toothpaste

Why is it recommended to use different toothpastes for morning and evening? It is because the needs of our teeth vary at different times of the day. In the morning we need protection from acids and sugars that affect our teeth through food or drinks. The morning toothpaste is specially formulated to provide this protection by containing, for example, fluoride, which offers strong tooth decay protection.

At night, however, the tooth enamel regenerates. It is important to use a toothpaste that supports regeneration. This would be, for example, a toothpaste with hydroxyapatite (artificial tooth enamel). It builds up tooth enamel overnight and makes it strong for future challenges.

This routine contributes significantly to maintaining dental health and helps to protect sensitive teeth and regenerate tooth enamel.

Mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide

Mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide from the MINT Classic line

Visibly brighter teeth and well-groomed gums

The innovative MINT mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide from the Classic line is a true all-rounder and should not be missing from your daily care routine. It contains various components that make the application an all-round solution for your care needs and reliably takes care of the hard-to-reach spaces between your teeth. Bad bacteria particularly like to settle here. The peppermint oil it contains has an antibacterial effect and regulates the oral flora. This neutralizes unpleasant bad breath and effectively prevents tooth decay. Valuable vitamin B12 strengthens the gums, cares for them sustainably and gives them new elasticity and radiance.

The reason your teeth become whiter after every rinse is because of hydrogen peroxide, a liquid compound of oxygen and hydrogen. These oxygen molecules penetrate the tooth and neutralize the color pigments. Your effect? Significantly brighter teeth and a clear conscience! Because you have made a contribution to dental health and whitened your teeth at the same time. You care for your teeth and gums sustainably and offer lasting protection. This is the MINT mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide from the MINT Classic line.

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MINT mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide

High-quality ingredients for your maximum well-being

MINT by Dr. Mintcheva represents medically based oral and dental care with innovative, nature-based formulations. When selecting the ingredients, the focus is clearly on first-class quality, purity and effectiveness. These principles make it possible to develop luxurious care products of the highest quality that contribute to your healthy lifestyle.

Miss Dr. Mintcheva's mission is to motivate people to invest more in their dental care. More means more time, more efficiency, more joy. Their products convey professionalism into your daily tooth brushing routine, which makes you feel more comfortable with your teeth. This feeling leads to more charisma, more self-confidence and more joy.

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Cucumber extract hyaluronan peppermint oil

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