Dr. Mintcheva is recognized worldwide as one of the leading dentists in the field of aesthetics
Dentistry known. She studied, among other things, at New York University and
specialized in dental aesthetics, implantology and oral surgery. Today she works in
her own practice “Discover White” and enchants countless patients every day
radiant smile on your face. Their customer base includes many celebrities and
well-known athletes. She wanted to expand her passion with MINT and give it a little bit to everyone
bring you closer to your dream smile.

In his search for “dental beauty,” Dr. Mariana Mintcheva to New York City in 2008. It was there that she first discovered the powerful potential of a beautiful smile. At the time, she was particularly impressed by the sheer unbridled joy that patients felt after aesthetic dental treatment. They were literally glowing! Because they felt significantly more self-confident than before. Some of them even gained new courage to live. This encouraged her to specialize in the field of dental aesthetics. During her three-year additional studies at New York University, she also met some pioneers of aesthetic dentistry and has shared their passion for beautiful teeth ever since. So she returned to Germany with a “Master in Aesthetics” degree and founded her own practice “Discover White” in the heart of Düsseldorf’s media harbor in 2014.

Your passion for beautiful teeth
She completed her dental studies with a distinction and deepened her knowledge with an additional postgraduate course in the areas of implantology and oral surgery.
In his search for “dental beauty,” Dr. Mintcheva to New York in 2008
City, where she completed another additional course of study “Master in Aesthetics” at the renowned New York University. There she became aware of the potential and impact
can hide behind a beautiful, radiant smile. Particularly impressed
Back then, she had the almost unbridled joy that patients felt after aesthetic dental treatment - they beamed and were significantly more self-confident and cheerful than before the treatment.
During her three years of additional studies she was able to further her education immensely and became
especially from pioneers of aesthetic dentistry, such as Dr. Larry Rosenthal,
informed. During this time she was able to witness the transformation of many Hollywood stars and discover the secret behind a radiant smile.
After her return, Dr. Mintcheva founded her own practice “Discover White” in 2014
in the middle of Düsseldorf's media harbor, surrounded by modern and aesthetic architecture.
Your ultimate goal: to help people have healthy and beautiful teeth in order to increase a person's overall self-confidence, charisma and well-being. This passion is driven by Dr. Mintcheva and her competent team of dentists
every day.

Über Dr. Mariana Mintcheva


Teeth are the most beautiful jewelry we own. Because, honestly, what's the use of great make-up or a trendy hairstyle if your teeth look unkempt?

She devotes all her energy to beautiful teeth because they are a direct connection to the outside world. It can make us appear either unfriendly or likeable and can therefore determine how someone classifies and treats us upon first impression. The first impression in particular has immense importance and nothing should be left to chance, because just a few seconds decide whether we
like a person or not.

MINT combines science, aesthetics and wellness

Dr. Mintcheva was looking for professional oral care products that she could recommend to her patients with a clear conscience. Since the products on the market did not correspond to her perfectionist and scientific approach, after intensive research it was clear that she had to develop her own dental cleaning and care line. She was able to bring all her expert knowledge to bear and live up to her promise.
The MINT products combine high-quality ingredients and the latest technologies so that you can get closer to your radiant dream smile from the comfort of your own home.
Of course, healthy, beautiful teeth are important. But also the lips and gums
have a significant influence on the appearance. When everything is in harmony, the entire mouth area appears harmonious and particularly aesthetic.
This is exactly what MINT products do. They are all carefully thought out and can be combined. Each product brings you closer to your radiant dream smile.

MINT by Dr Mintcheva Podcast mit Tina Müller CEO Douglas Group Cover

Together with Tina Müller (CEO DOUGLAS GROUP) Dr. Mintcheva in this episode of Beauty & Beyond about dental health. Together they explore how healthy teeth can rejuvenate a person and what ways there are to beautify your smile, from bleaching to veneers. In addition, Dr. Mintcheva participate in the founding story of MINT Beauty. She explains why the negative image of dentists needs to change and takes us into the unique concept of the dental spa.

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