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Welcome to the future of oral care with the groundbreaking MINT Biotic line; the result of years of intensive research and development for probiotic dental care that naturally regulates oral flora and guarantees professional-level teeth cleaning.
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Über Dr. Mariana Mintcheva


This is the first probiotic dental care line with the innovative hero ingredient SymReboot, which supports you on your way to an all-round healthy and balanced oral flora. Harmful bacteria are gently eliminated and combated while the good bacteria are promoted. This significantly reduces the likelihood of fungal diseases, aphthae, tooth decay and other oral mucosal diseases.

dr Mariana Mintcheva


  • Welcome to the future of oral care, with the groundbreaking MINT Biotic line - the result of years of intensive research and development for probiotic dental care that naturally regulates the oral flora and guarantees professional-level teeth cleaning.

    No less than 700 different species of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms coexist in a well-coordinated community in our oral cavity. If this community is out of balance, bad breath , excessive tongue coating and inflamed and swollen areas in the mouth develop.

    We can all be affected by the symptoms of a disturbed oral flora. Illnesses, strict diets, unbalanced nutrition and incorrect tooth cleaning can severely disrupt the oral flora and cause it to become imbalanced.

    However, there are groups of people whose oral flora is more vulnerable and gets out of balance more often than others. People with dentures in particular often struggle with the symptoms of weakened oral flora because cavities and the nature of different denture materials promote the growth of harmful bacteria.

    It often affects women during pregnancy or menopause due to hormonal changes. And did you know that in smokers, 150 additional strains of bacteria negatively affect the microbiome and disrupt the oral ecosystem? In the best case scenario, you give up tobacco consumption. If you can't manage that yet, you can now take countermeasures with the MINT Biotic line.

  • We have developed the Biotic line specifically for these groups of people and of course for everyone who pays attention to their health. It is based on new recipes with the patented active ingredient complex SymReboot™ OC, which promotes good bacteria by providing them with the optimal breeding ground. This allows the “good” ones to grow and push the “bad” ones out of the picture.

    All components of the MINT Biotic line are based on this revolutionary active ingredient: the MINT Biotic toothpaste, the refreshing MINT Biotic mouthwash and the highly effective MINT Biotic gel for targeted use on the gums and tongue.

    Our innovation combines maximum performance in tooth cleaning with a healthy balance in the oral bacterial balance. Thanks to the MPT1 Ultra Polish Technology© with perlite as a cleaning agent, the teeth are thoroughly cleaned and gently whitened without putting any strain on the tooth enamel .

    The probiotic component with SymReboot™ OC prevents fungal diseases, tooth decay and canker sores and sustainably neutralizes unpleasant bad breath. The gums and the entire periodontium are strengthened and the mouth feels generally fresh and healthy.

    Our MINT Biotic line works without fluoride and titanium dioxide and is free from microplastics, alcohol, PEGs, parabens and harmful substances that put a strain on our bodies. Experience professional cleaning performance and probiotic care on a compatible and sustainable basis for your oral balance without compromise.


The oral microbiome is a community of microorganisms that live in a person's oral cavity. – A fascinating ecosystem

The oral cavity is an extremely complex habitat that hosts the second most diverse microbial community in the human body. A staggering 775 microbial species have been identified in the Human Oral Microbiome Database (eHOMD). It is noteworthy that up to 108 microorganisms exist per milliliter of saliva!

Interestingly, the organisms in the oral cavity vary from person to person and depend on factors such as individual diet, time of day of sampling, and even geographic location.

This complex ecosystem plays a critical role in oral health and can impact our holistic health and overall well-being. Research in this area contributes to gaining a better understanding of the oral flora and developing innovative approaches in probiotic dental care to support the balance of this diverse community.


The first probiotic for oral care products that mimics the probiotic signaling pathways to strengthen the instinctive defenses of the oral mucosa. It is proven to have a calming effect, strengthens gums and promotes a healthy oral microbiome.


The innovative MINT technologies for the teeth and the unique combination of protection and aesthetics make MINT products suitable for everyone.

The BIOTIC line can also be used safely in daily dental care for sensitive tooth necks and gums, crowns and dentures.


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What exactly does "probiotic dental care" mean?

Probiotic dental care aims to support the balance of microorganisms in the oral flora. It promotes good bacteria that help maintain a healthy oral environment.

Which groups of people particularly benefit from the MINTBiotic line?

People with dentures, pregnant women, smokers and people whose oral flora is out of balance particularly benefit from this line.

How can I recognize that my oral flora is imbalanced?

A common symptom is bad breath, which can indicate a shift in the balance of bacteria in the oral cavity. In addition, increased tongue coating, inflammation in the mouth area, such as gingivitis or aphthae, as well as increased bleeding gums when brushing teeth can be signs of disturbed oral flora. In some people, disturbed oral flora also manifests itself in increased sensitivity to certain foods and drinks or increased dryness of the mouth.

Why is a balanced oral flora important for oral health?

A balanced oral flora helps to prevent bad breath, gingivitis and tooth decay. It also plays a role in supporting the immune system and therefore has an impact on general health and well-being.

How does the active ingredient SymReboot™ OC work?

SymReboot™ OC is a combination of probiotic microorganisms and prebiotic nutrients. It promotes the growth of good bacteria and reduces harmful germs to support a healthy microbiome in the mouth.

How quickly are results noticeable when using the MINTBiotic line?

Studies have shown that after just seven days of regular use of the active ingredient SymReboot™ OC, the concentration of good bacteria in the oral cavity has increased, while harmful germs have been displaced.

What advantages does MINT Biotic toothpaste offer compared to other toothpastes?

MINT Biotic toothpaste is a real all-rounder. It offers professional cleaning performance and probiotic care, supports gum and periodontal health and neutralizes bad breath. No one can match it!

Can the MINT Biotic line prevent gingivitis and caries?

As harmful bacteria are minimized by the active ingredient SymReboot™ OC, the risk of gum inflammation or tooth decay is also reduced.

How does the MINT Biotic line help people with dentures?

Dentures offer many opportunities for bad bacteria to hide. Therefore, thorough cleaning with an active ingredient that intervenes in the bacterial balance and regulates it is of great importance, especially for denture wearers, who unfortunately often struggle with bad breath.

Get rid of bad breath with MINT Biotic?

Yes, the MINT Biotic line can actually effectively reduce bad breath. By promoting healthy bacteria, which consequently displace bad bacteria, the balance of oral flora is restored and unpleasant odours are demonstrably neutralized.