Are beautiful and healthy teeth important to you? The Classic line should not be missing in any oral care routine. Innovative technologies and natural recipes clean and protect your teeth optimally.

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MINT by Dr Mintcheva Classic Linie


The vision of MINT by Dr. Mintcheva's mission is to help people achieve a beautiful and confident smile and to make dental care a regular beauty ritual. Medically based oral and dental care products with innovative, natural recipes ensure a naturally beautiful appearance in perfection.

dr Mariana Mintcheva


  • The primary goal of our dental care is tooth preservation - the foundation of dental health, the basis for a healthy and radiant smile.

    In addition to solid caries protection, the main thing here is the preservation and development of tooth enamel. Effective cleaning of the teeth is essential in order to reduce plaque formation, but in return, the tooth enamel and gums must not be stressed by aggressive agents.

    The MINT Classic line was developed to cover exactly these parameters and is basic dental care that ensures comprehensive dental health. Especially for sensitive teeth and irritated gums, the products from the MINT Classic line do an excellent job of restoring your teeth and offer your teeth special protection from everyday stress.

    The toothpaste duo in the line works with the innovative perlite cleaning body and thus ensures highly effective, but not abrasive and therefore particularly sensitive tooth cleaning. At the same time, the hydroxyapatite it contains strengthens and protects the tooth enamel continuously every time you brush your teeth and gradually compensates for defects.

    We only have exactly one tooth enamel. Once worn down, the thin outermost protective layer of our teeth is gone. But we can strengthen this layer and we can even repair it. Immerse yourself in the MINT Classic line and strengthen your dental foundation, because it is never too late for healthy teeth and strong gums from the ground up.

  • The basic routine with the MINT Daily Essentials toothpaste duo from the Classic line consists of two components that complement and work together excellently.

    When you get up in the morning, pamper your teeth with the fluoride-containing MINT toothpaste and make them strong for the day. The fluoride film, which protects your teeth, offers you effective protection against tooth decay and tooth enamel degradation during the day, and does so in a gentle way thanks to the toothpaste's low abrasion value.

    Your evening dental hygiene routine focuses on regenerating tooth enamel overnight. The hydroxyapatite it contains makes the MINT toothpaste without fluoride a true tooth enamel miracle and building program. Brush your tooth enamel in the evening, use the night as a regenerative phase and face the challenges of the new day with strength - this way you can practically repair your teeth while you sleep.

    Both toothpastes are perfect for sensitive teeth. People with pain-sensitive teeth or hot-cold sensitivity especially benefit from this gentle care. And you also benefit from gentle teeth whitening.

    Because both MINT toothpastes in our Basic line contain our special secret: the MPT1 Ultra Polish Technology©. This innovative technology uses perlite, a natural mineral that gently removes stains while smoothing the surface of teeth. The result? Radiant, natural teeth whitening without putting any strain on tooth enamel.

    MINT Daily Essentials, the toothpaste duo with the light tube for morning and the dark tube for evening, is gentle and at the same time highly effective basic care for your teeth. It's more than just the foundation - it's the bodyguard for your radiant smile.

    Our MINT Classic line also includes another very important product that you should definitely include in your daily dental care routine:


We all know that oral and dental health depends on the health of our gums. We therefore recommend using the highly effective MINT gum gel in addition to the Classic line.

It gives sensitive gums an extra dose of care with vitamins B12 and E as well as valuable extracts from cucumber and lemon. The peppermint oil in the formula has an antibacterial effect and gives you a fresh feeling. The gel consistency adheres gently to the gums and can be applied to large areas or specifically to areas that require special care, as needed.

Dental health is an investment that never comes too late. The Classic line from MINT not only does excellent building work, but also protects the teeth from the stresses they face every day. We recommend permanently integrating the Classic line and, if necessary, adding products from other lines depending on your needs.

For gentle but effective teeth whitening, you would, for example, add the MINT Hollywood Smile polishing paste to your daily routine if your focus is on teeth whitening. For anyone who wants to give their gums special care, MINT has the Paro+ line ready and bad breath can be neutralized in no time with the dental care products from the new MINT Biotic line.


Thanks to the unique and protected MPT1 Ultra Polish Technology©, the MINT toothpastes clean particularly thoroughly and are gentle on tooth enamel.

So-called perlite is responsible for this. The small cleaning crystals made of volcanic glass polish, smooth and seal the tooth surface without rubbing it off and without damaging the tooth enamel. Smooth tooth surfaces, on the other hand, provide long-term protection against unsightly discolorations, as these simply roll off the smooth teeth - like with the classic "lotus effect".


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Does the mouthwash in the MINT Classic line contain alcohol?

No, the mouthwash from the MINT Classic line is alcohol-free and has antibacterial properties on a natural basis in the form of the peppermint oil and cucumber extract it contains.

Are the products in the MINT Classic line suitable for long-term dental care?

Yes, the products in the MINT Classic line form the basis of comprehensive dental and oral care. To ensure that they support dental health in the long term, they should be firmly integrated into the daily dental care routine. Supplementary products from other MINT lines can and should be added according to individual needs.

Are the products in the MINT Classic line also suitable for people with hot and cold sensitivity?

People with sensitive teeth also benefit from the MINT Classic products, especially the MINT toothpaste without fluoride, which uses hydroxyapatite (artificial enamel) to compensate for exposed tooth necks and irregularities in the enamel. The regenerative and strengthening effect helps to reduce sensitivity in the long term.

Teeth whitening with the products from the MINT Classic line?

Yes, in this case the innovative MPT1 Ultra PolishTechnology© with perlite ensures effective and gentle tooth whitening. Perlite is a mineral that gently removes discoloration, smoothes the teeth and promotes radiant, natural tooth whiteness without damaging the enamel.

Are there other products that I can integrate into my MINT Classic line dental care routine?

First of all, all MINT products can be combined with each other according to individual requirements and thus really cover every need. In this context, we refer primarily to the Classic line mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide and the gum gel with vitamin E and B12. These are ideal as complementary products for comprehensive basic dental care.

How does the toothpaste duo from the MINT Classic line differ for morning and evening?

The morning toothpaste with fluoride protects the teeth from caries and enamel degradation during the day. The evening toothpaste without fluoride and with hydroxyapatite supports the regeneration of tooth enamel overnight.

Who is the MINT Classic line suitable for?

The MINT Classic line is suitable for EVERYONE and is ideal for people looking for gentle yet effective dental care, especially those with sensitive teeth or irritated gums. This line provides solid basic care for dental health and aims to build up and protect the enamel while ensuring gentle cleaning and gently whitening the teeth. The products can therefore be used by people who are looking for comprehensive dental care without harming the enamel and gums with overly aggressive active ingredients.

What is the RDA value in the MINTClassic line of toothpastes?

The RDA value describes the abrasion of toothpastes on tooth enamel. The abrasion value of MINT Classic toothpastes is in the very low range of 39 and therefore protects the important tooth enamel.