Zahnpasta Öko-Test

Toothpaste eco-test

In the morning, you grope your way into the bathroom with sleepy eyes and a yawn and first reach for toothpaste, a product that can be found in every household. And although humans brush their teeth at least twice a day throughout their lifetime, we unfortunately find that the information available regarding toothpastes is still a mystery. Is the toothpaste vegan? Has this been tested on animals? Why does my mouthwash sting? Which toothpaste whitens my teeth? Toothpaste with or without fluoride? What ingredients are in there? Which ingredients are harmful to me? Of course, as an end consumer, you get confused.

The problem with titanium dioxide in toothpaste

All the more pleased is Dr. Mintcheva with the fact that the topic of pollutants in toothpastes in particular is getting more attention. "Öko-Test" (issue 04/2033) tested 48 toothpastes for ingredients. The result is terrifying! In the "Öko-Test,"  a total of 48 toothpastes out of 19 were rated “poor” or “insufficient” due to critical ingredients. Many recipes still contain the dye titanium dioxide, which gives the toothpaste its beautiful white color. Titanium dioxide has been banned in food since August 2022 because it can accumulate in the body and cause cancer, among other things. For this reason, Dr. Mintcheva completely removed the color pigment titanium dioxide from its formulations a year ago. “If active ingredients have already been banned in food, they should not be used in the mouth either. Because our oral mucous membranes absorb ingredients, harmful components can get into our bloodstream."
But titanium dioxide is not the only problem. The "Öko-Test" also criticized the use of sodium lauryl sulfate. 14 out of 48 toothpastes use this ingredient so that the toothpaste foams nicely. However, this component can irritate our sensitive oral mucosa and cause painful canker sores. Sodium laryl sulfate is not included in any of the MINT toothpastes.
The testers of the “Öko-Test” also criticized the use of PEG in toothpastes. Although it ensures that the toothpaste has a nice consistency, it unfortunately also makes the oral mucosa more permeable to harmful invaders that can damage our organism. You will also look in vain for PEGs at MINT.

The alternative toothpaste without harmful substances

At MINT, we act according to the motto: "Live consciously, experience consciously, and care consciously."

Dr. Mintcheva is a renowned dentist, and her name is synonymous with pure, clean dental care products .The MINT toothpastes are therefore free from PEGs, microplastics, parabens, titanium dioxide, sodium lauryl sulfate, and triclosan. They are also vegan and have not been tested on animals. This means that our toothpastes differ enormously from conventional products in terms of effect and effectiveness. In search of substitute ingredients, Dr. Mintcheva found many quality ingredients. For example, she replaced titanium dioxide with hydroxyapatite, an agent that rebuilds tooth enamel.

The protected MPT1 Ultra Polish Technology©

The heart of our MINT toothpaste is the protected MPT1 Ultra Polish Technology ©, which has a high cleaning performance and, at the same time, a low abrasion value. This effectively whitens the teeth without damaging the enamel. If you want to read more about our technologies and ingredients. .
Regarding the with or without fluoride discussion, Dr. Mintcheva uses the following approach: in the morning, the MINT toothpaste with fluoride used, and in the evening, the MINT toothpaste without fluoride . Fluoride can contribute to the remineralization of the tooth and can cover the teeth like a kind of protective shield, so that the tooth is protected against tooth decay, for example. Especially throughout the day, when we eat and drink, we need that extra portion of protection. In the evening, you can use the variant without fluoride but with hydroxyapatite, which helps to regenerate the tooth overnight. So you didn't take too much fluoride, but you didn't do without it entirely either. For example, if you have cavity-active teeth, you should not use fluoride in the morning.

MINT combines the latest scientific findings and high-quality ingredients from the professional sector.

The MINT products are specially tailored to your individual needs and can be easily combined with each other. Use the modular system to develop your specific dental care routine. You will immediately notice the difference.

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