Dental Beauty - Warum Zahnpflege zum Beauty-Ritual werden sollte!

Dental Beauty - Why dental care should become a beauty ritual!


Brushing your teeth is certainly part of a normal daily routine for most people. Twice a day, as recommended in the advertisement, and then the toothbrush and the paste disappear back into the mirror cabinet. On the other hand, we give our facial care more time and even make a comprehensive ritual out of it - first a cleansing, then a serum. This is followed by the 24-hour cream and a special care for the eyes before we start with the makeup. Extensive facial care makes sense, because our faces are exposed to various environmental influences every day, and healthy-looking facial skin also stands for health and youthfulness.

Your smile is the best make-up

But why don't we take care of our oral cavity with a similar amount of care? Our mouth is the gateway to our body, and our smile is the connection to our opposite. A beautiful, confident smile is essential for our charisma and self-confidence. That's why we want to establish dental care as an integral part of the daily beauty routine.

Take care of your gums

Our teeth, gums, and lips require special, coordinated care that is geared towards the different tissue types and structures. That's why there isn't a "one-for-all" product, as is often promised. The gums are a mucous membrane and therefore have different needs and a different structure than our teeth. It requires a variety of vitamins and nutrients to be rosy and intact. Sensitive areas particularly benefit from the support of a mouthwash and a special gel with vitamins and antibacterial properties. The teeth, on the other hand, are bone-like and consist of 70% mineral substances, above all calcium hydroxyapatite. Teeth require care that, on the one hand, brings with it a high level of cleaning performance and, on the other hand, provides protection and strengthening.

A special care of the Nasobial region

The region around our mouth and the lips is particularly important for a youthful and present appearance. Vertical wrinkles that give our mouths a negative alignment can make us look sad and sallow. Therefore, special care of the nasobial region and the lips is essential. As this part of the face is particularly influenced by our facial expressions, wrinkles can develop particularly easily. Elastic, moist skin is more resistant to deep, negative wrinkles.

A coordinated care routine for our mouth is not only important so that we can maintain healthy oral flora and teeth for as long as possible, it can also be fun and gradually give us a more beautiful, more confident smile - the most beautiful accessory!

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