Happy World Oceans Day!

Happy World Oceans Day!

We all love the sea!
Sadly, millions of tons of plastic waste end up in the ocean every year...

Did you know that MINT is supporting a marine protection project with the help of "Climate Partner"? In the project, plastic can be exchanged for cash (Plastic Bank). People in Haiti, Indonesia, Brazil, and the Philippines can exchange plastic waste for money, food, drinking water, mobile phone credit, or school fees at local collection points.

This ensures less plastic in the sea, and the collected plastic is processed into "social plastic," which in turn can be used for new products.

It doesn't stop there...
MINT generally focuses on sustainability!

For MINT, this starts with the packaging, because all products come in CO2-neutral cardboard boxes . With the help of the company "Climate Partner," all CO2 emissions along the process chain are recorded in advance and offset via recognized climate protection projects. In particular, MINT promotes the project for marine protection worldwide (Plastic Bank) and can thus significantly relieve the climate balance. The "Climate Partner" label guarantees the climate neutrality of the marked product and can be found on the bottom of the cardboard box for MINT products. Each carbon offset has a unique ID number. The associated URL makes it transparent to understand how much CO2 is offset and which climate protection projects are supported.

From the cardboard boxes to the product, MINT attaches great importance to the responsible use of resources. That's why all MINT tubes are made from 30 percent recycled plastic. For hygienic reasons, it is unfortunately not possible to do without plastic entirely. However, new, environmentally friendly packaging alternatives are always being examined.

Aluminum was deliberately chosen as the packaging material for the housing of the MINT lipsticks and dental care sticks. Because aluminum is not only light and robust but also recyclable. MINT thus makes a contribution to sustainable cosmetic production.

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