Hellere Zähne, ganz einfach mit MINT!

Brighter teeth, easily with MINT!

Tip #1 MINT Hollywood polishing paste

In order to fulfill your wish for whiter teeth, you don't have to go straight to a teeth cleaning or get help with bleaching. Because with the Hollywood Smile polishing paste from MINT, you get dental care comparable to going to a professional teeth cleaning! The polishing paste makes it possible in daily dental care thanks to the unique, protected "Ultrapolish Technologe MPT1™". You can easily use the tube from home. The paste can gently remove even the most stubborn dirt, such as coffee or red wine, from your teeth. Yellowish tooth discoloration, as can be observed in smokers, is removed with the high cleaning power of the natural cleaning agent perlite. The tooth surface is smoothed and polished without damaging the enamel. The Hollywood Smile Paste ensures a healthy and whiter smile in no time at all!

Application: In addition to your usual oral hygiene, you can use the polishing paste 1-2 times a week like normal toothpaste.


Tip #2 MINT Lip Blue Shine

Anyone who would like to have whiter teeth at the touch of a button will love the Lip Blue Shine from MINT. The innovative lip gloss is mixed with blue pigments and makes the teeth look whiter. The blue pigments optically neutralize the yellow of the teeth, so that the teeth appear less yellow and whiter instead. The Lip Blue Shine not only ensures an immediate whitening effect on the teeth but also cares for the lips with coconut oil and vitamin E. The lip gloss can be worn alone or in combination with your favorite lipstick, as often as you like.

You will love the particularly elegant packaging. You turn the end of the lip gloss clockwise, and the gloss comes out at the golden tip. So you always have fresh gloss at hand without contaminating the content. This is particularly hygienic and a sign of quality.

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