Zwei MUST-HAVES für perfekt gepflegte Lippen!

Two MUST-HAVES for perfectly groomed lips!

Our lips line our teeth. The teeth only look neat if the lips are also beautiful. That's why lip care is at the heart of MINT.

Especially in winter, the delicate lip skin suffers. The dry air from the heating and low humidity make for brittle, dry lips. It is all the more important to use lip care products with moisturizing ingredients. For perfectly groomed lips 365 days a year, we can recommend the following products:


MUST-HAVE #1 MINT lip scrub

Our MINT lip peeling ensures a smooth and supple lip surface. Annoying skin cells are gently removed with high-quality almond kernels, and the lips are gently smoothed. Enriched with jojoba oil, shea butter, and almond oil, the lip scrub provides delicate skin with the moisture it needs. The jojoba oil lays on the lips like a protective film and thus locks in moisture.


MUST-HAVE #2 MINT lip balm

To perfect the lip care ritual, the MINT lip balm is ideal to be applied after the lip peeling. This cares for the lips with high-quality anti-aging components such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, reliably protects against the formation of lip wrinkles, and makes the lip skin more resistant to environmental influences. With a mint taste, it is pleasantly refreshing with every application.

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