Wie sieht die ideale Mund-und Zahnpflege-Routine aus?

What is the ideal oral and dental care routine?





The secret to a healthy and well-groomed oral cavity is a care program that perfectly addresses the complex needs of the mouth, teeth, and gums in everyday life.

Brushing your teeth alone is not enough, because regardless of whether you are laughing, talking, or eating, the oral cavity is almost always used as a whole. In order to be prepared for the daily challenges, you need high-quality, effective, and, above all, uncomplicated care.


With the "MINT" brand, Dr. Mariana Mintcheva, one of the most experienced dentists in the field of aesthetic dentistry, developed a product line that meets these requirements at the highest level. MINT products are specially designed for the individual areas of the oral cavity and complement each other as a whole. So it becomes a matter of course to put together your perfect oral and dental care routine with MINT according to your personal needs! We'll show you how:


Your daily MINT products for your mouth, teeth, and gums


The optimal oral and dental care routine does not have to be complicated; with these products, it can be achieved in just a few steps. It is important that you treat your teeth and gums equally. Because only if both are cared for can we keep our oral cavity healthy and beautiful in the long term.


  1. Use our deep-cleansing MINT toothpaste to brush your teeth. This is mixed with perlite, a natural cleaning agent that has particularly high cleaning power. Despite this deep cleaning, the toothpaste is gentle on teeth, with a sensationally low RDA value tested at the University of Indiana. Optionally with or without fluoride.
  2. (Clean the gaps with dental floss or a small brush.)
  3. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with our anti-bacterial and tooth-whitening MINT mouthwash and enjoy the long-lasting feeling of freshness.
  4. Apply the rich MINT gum gel to your gums and distribute it evenly. You can massage it in with your finger or with a cotton swab.


What is special about MINT?


The MINT oral and dental care products were developed by Düsseldorf dentist Dr. Mintcheva with the claim of establishing the perfect dental care for the home. Thanks to her international professional expertise, many years of experience as a practicing dentist, and her awareness of the everyday problems and needs of her patients, she has succeeded in developing products that use unique components to keep the entire oral cavity healthy and beautiful. Her penchant for perfection and quality standards is unmistakable. Starting with the design of the products, through the environmentally conscious choice of packaging, to the composition of high-quality ingredients. MINT is the first dental and oral care series from the professional sector for daily use at home. The result is sparkling white teeth. With each brushing, your tooth is cleaned so thoroughly that its original whiteness comes to light again.


What is in the products, and what are the ingredients good for?


The MINT toothpaste cleans the teeth particularly intensively and gently at the same time. The low RDA value permanently protects against tooth enamel loss. Thanks to the patented MPT1 technology, it cleans the tooth surface gently but thoroughly. The natural cleaning agent "perlite" contained in it has a particularly high cleaning power and can gently remove even stubborn stains from the teeth. Our MINT toothpaste without fluoride is especially recommended for pain-sensitive teeth. The hydroxyapatite seals the tooth and immediately relieves the pain.


Our tip: Use the MINT toothpaste with fluoride in the morning for optimal protection against tooth decay. The MINT toothpaste without fluoride is ideal for the evening to rebuild and soothe the tooth.


With its dual effect, the MINT mouthwash ensures healthy gums and visibly brighter teeth. PH-neutral and alcohol-free, it regulates the acidity in the mouth and reduces the risk of tooth decay. The contained peppermint oil and cucumber extract also have an antibacterial effect and help to freshen breath. Gradually, the teeth lighten gently thanks to the hydrogen peroxide.


Our recommendation: Use the mouthwash after every meal, so you significantly reduce the risk of tooth decay and ensure fresh breath, which makes any unpleasant odors disappear immediately.


The MINT gum gel cares for the area that is too often neglected in dental care. The gel is tailored to the needs of the gums and provides and cares for the gums with vitamins over the long term. It also reliably prevents periodontal disease and gingivitis. By the way, the gum gel also helps with small injuries in the mouth, such as pressure points.






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