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Dental care products – the right combinations for your needs

In a world of diverse options, the time has come for tailored dental and oral care. We are all different and, of course, have different needs and desires. By combining specially adapted dental care products, you not only optimize your level of dental care but also ensure complete oral and dental health. But what does tailored dental care actually mean? How can you put your personal needs and specific concerns at the center of your care routine?

Join us on a journey of discovery to find out how easy it is to design your own dental care routine, tailored to your individual requirements and lifestyle.

Tailored oral care procedure

A tailored dental care routine is a significant step towards optimal oral health. The key is to understand that every mouth is unique and presents different needs and challenges. Very important: not all dental care products have to be equally effective for everyone.

The diversity of oral health is influenced by factors such as genetics, dietary habits, medical conditions, and personal lifestyles. A tailor-made dental care set makes it possible to take these individual aspects into account and integrate targeted care into everyday life. This not only means choosing the right toothbrush and toothpaste but also using products that meet specific needs in different ways. Be it for pain-sensitive teeth, gum inflammation, or aesthetic concerns.

Oral health does not work according to the one-size-fits-all principle. Rather, it is about developing personal care that addresses the unique needs of each individual. This approach not only helps prevent potential problems but also promotes a more effective and pleasant dental care experience.

Dental care set - dental care needs

Specific oral hygiene needs

Individual dental health concerns are as diverse as the dental care products on offer. Sensitive teeth, irritated gums, bad breath, yellow teeth, increased susceptibility to tooth decay, and many other specific aspects and concerns are listed here. First, you have to find out where your weak points are. Most often, these are the following points:


Pain-sensitive teeth are usually accompanied by damage to the tooth enamel. Now it's time to strengthen, rehabilitate, and protect the important enamel, the outermost layer of the teeth. For example, there are special dental care products that work with artificial tooth enamel (hydroxyapatite).

The MINT toothpastes all contain the innovative active ingredient hydroxyapatite. This means that with any toothpaste from all MINT lines, you can take good care of your sensitive tooth enamel.

The MINT toothpaste without fluoride from our Classic line is a true tooth enamel miracle. Get all the information now!

Toothpaste without fluoride - MINT dental care set Daily Essential

Gum problems

Individual needs in the gum area require targeted care to limit inflammation, bleeding, or receding gums. Special toothpastes, mouthwashes, and dental floss are used here, which are aimed at caring for gums and healing inflamed areas. They usually contain anti-inflammatory, soothing, and often probiotic active ingredient complexes.

Our MINT Paro+ line is aimed at all of you who struggle with gum health in any way. The Paro+ products are a real treat for your gums; they naturally provide lasting relief from acute symptoms and protect the gums from the stresses of everyday life.

Would you like to do something for your gums? Here you will find all the interesting and relevant details about our MINT Paro+ line

Gum care set from MINT

Teeth whitening 

Discolored teeth are initially an aesthetic problem. But that's not all, because discoloration caused by plaque accumulation can also lead to tartar, gum inflammation, and tooth decay. Here, it is recommended to use whitening dental care, which visibly brightens your teeth and, at the same time, promotes your dental health by protecting your gums and tooth enamel.

The latest technologies, combined in the MINT Hollywood Smile products, ensure professional whitening for home use without affecting tooth enamel or gums. Our groundbreaking active complexes, high-quality ingredients, and combinations of active ingredients enable you to have a whitening treatment that you can reconcile with your conscience because it cares for and protects your teeth at the same time.

Discover the MINT Hollywood Smile line!

Bad breath

Many people suffer from bad breath. A situation that not only smells bad but also eats away at your self-confidence over time. Most people try to cover up the smell and, in the worst case, make it worse. Oral probiotics are a fabulous achievement in dental research and are fortunately found in some dental care products.

The MINT Biotic line, with the innovative active ingredient SymReboot and many valuable ingredients, is the pioneer in probiotic dental care. The focus is on a gentle effect without aggressive substances, whereby the bacterial balance is regulated in a completely natural way.

Click here for the MINT Biotic line. Convince yourself of the advanced dental care that balances the oral flora and makes annoying bad breath a thing of the past forever.

Oral probiotics from MINT - dental care set

Combination of MINT products

The products in the MINT lines offer you countless combination options; our MINT concept is designed in every respect to focus on your individual dental care needs. The four MINT lines comprehensively cover all aspects of dental and oral health and consistently work with the latest technology and high-quality ingredients on a natural basis. We have thought about the gums, the sensitive tooth enamel, the bacterial balance in your mouth, caries prevention, and gentle teeth whitening. All products from all lines work extremely gently; the toothpastes have an extremely low abrasion value; and the mouthwashes basically contain no alcohol.

An example:

At the last routine check at the dentist, everything was actually fine; in any case, you don't have any tooth decay or any other dental diseases that require treatment. However, when you brush your teeth, you often see blood and think your teeth could be whiter, and the suspicion of bad breath prevents you from speaking or laughing freely here and there.

That is the starting point, and what would be the measure now?

Your gums are probably irritated in some places, but you should definitely do something about the bleeding gums when brushing your teeth. For example, you could start with the MINT gum gel with vitamin E and at the end of your routine supply the gums with valuable substances that will help the irritation subside. In order to whiten your teeth and at the same time take your gums into account, we recommend integrating a component from our Hollywood Smile line, which could be the MINT Hollywood Smile mouthwash, with which you can whiten your teeth effectively and gently after brushing your teeth. Your suspected bad breath could be related to a disturbed oral flora, which is probably also responsible for your irritated gums. Use the probiotic toothpaste from the MINT Biotic line to regulate your oral flora. Now you already have three components in your dental care routine. To round things off, you could clean your teeth in the evening with MINT toothpaste without fluoride and strengthen your tooth enamel overnight.

Discover countless possible combinations now; click here to see our lines.

MINT lines

MINT dental care set

Continuous adaptation

Just like your individual dental care needs, your dental care routine should change over time. Therefore, make sure to check your dental care routine regularly and adjust it if necessary. This means you are always on the safe side.

Combination of dental care products

The need is now clear, but which product components will ultimately be in your bathroom? Toothpaste, mouthwash, gels, serums, etc.—the range of options is large. What does your combination look like? Here are the components, some a must, others an additional asset:


Toothpaste is the cornerstone of your dental care. Different formulations are aimed at individual needs. Toothpastes containing fluoride are strong in protecting against caries; other toothpastes strengthen tooth enamel, while others have a probiotic effect and keep your oral flora in balance. And what about those who want beautiful white teeth but don't want to damage their gums and tooth enamel? There are solutions here too.

Take a look around at the MINT toothpastes now and discover the diverse possibilities.


Mouthwash is more than just refreshing. It provides additional protection with antibacterial, probiotic, or whitening formulations and contributes to general oral hygiene and dental aesthetics. Mouthwashes do a great job, especially when it comes to hard-to-reach places in the mouth and between the teeth. A good mouthwash without alcohol and aggressive ingredients actually works wonders; it soothes inflamed gums and strengthens them with important nutrients.

Discover the MINT mouthwashes here

Gum gel and gum serum

Gum gel or serum is targeted care and an often overlooked option. If you have gum problems, inflammation, or bleeding, they offer soothing relief with soothing ingredients and significantly promote gum health.

Take a look at both now. MINT Hyaluronic Gum Serum and MINT Gum Gel with Vitamin E

Gum gel and gum serum - dental care set


Polishing pastes are like a spa day for your teeth. They help eliminate surface discoloration and ensure a smooth tooth surface. This is not only aesthetically pleasing but also supports oral hygiene, as plaque is less likely to settle on smooth surfaces.

MINT tip

The legendary MINT Hollywood Smile polishing paste is for professional teeth cleaning at home. The paste cleans the teeth sustainably without damaging abrasives and brightens them by several shades after the first application. Like professional whitening, it is guaranteed to be gentle on tooth enamel and gums. We recommend the Hollywood Smile polishing paste 2 to 3 times a week for that extra dose of glow!

Click here for the MINT Hollywood Smile polishing paste

MINT Hollywood Smile polishing paste - dental care set

Whitening pen

For those striving for a brighter smile, a whitening pen is the ideal option. Compact and easy to use, it offers targeted teeth whitening and can be integrated into your daily care routine or used in between and on the go if necessary.

To the MINT Hollywood Smile Whitening Pen

MINT Whitening Pen - Dental Care Set

Consideration of lifestyle factors

The selection of dental care products should not be viewed in isolation but rather be done in the context of individual lifestyle habits and health conditions. Considering lifestyle factors plays a critical role in developing a customized dental care routine that meets the individual's specific needs and challenges.


A balanced diet not only affects general health, but also oral hygiene. People who eat a diet high in sugar benefit from products aimed at preventing tooth decay. For example, toothpastes containing fluoride can help protect teeth from acid attacks.

Smoking habits

Smoking has significant effects on oral health, including discoloration, gum disease, and bad breath. Choosing products specifically designed for smokers will help address these specific challenges, such as whitening toothpastes and specialty mouthwashes for gum health.

Medical conditions

Certain medical conditions, such as diabetes or a tendency to dry mouth, require specific care. In such cases, products that target the moisture balance in the mouth and contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid are particularly effective.

Sensitivity and allergies

Individual sensitivities and allergies should also be considered. People with sensitive gums need gentler products, while people with allergies need to avoid certain ingredients.

Age and stage of life

Dental health needs change throughout life. Children may need products containing fluoride, while older adults may need gum care products or special mouthwashes.

Selecting and combining dental care products with these factors in mind allows for a personalized approach to oral health. It maximizes the effectiveness of the dental care routine and meets specific requirements. We therefore recommend, that when selecting dental care products, you not only pay attention to the product promises but also take individual lifestyle habits and health conditions into account.

The correct application order

The correct sequence of application of the various dental care products is crucial to ensuring their maximum effectiveness. A well-thought-out sequence makes it possible to get the most out of the benefits of each product and ensure comprehensive oral care.

As a general rule, your dental care routine should begin with flossing before actually brushing. Flossing before brushing allows you to remove plaque and food particles between your teeth, improving the effectiveness of subsequent brushing.

The actual brushing of teeth takes place after flossing. The use of a toothpaste tailored to your needs in combination with a suitable toothbrush is at the heart of this phase.

We recommend using the mouthwash after brushing your teeth to remove plaque and bacteria from areas that the toothbrush may not have reached. Since the mouth is no longer rinsed after brushing your teeth, the active ingredients of the mouthwash can take effect in peace. The fresh breath is just an extremely pleasant side effect.

If you want to go one step further, use a high-quality gel or serum for special needs. As a rule, however, this is about protecting the sensitive gums, the health of which is so important for our general oral and dental health. A gum gel with hyaluronic acid provides the gums with plenty of moisture, plumps them up, and sustainably strengthens them.

If you like white, you have a bleaching pen in your pocket. After your dental care routine or on the go and in between, you can spontaneously give your teeth an extra dose of radiance. Thanks to the latest technologies, there are no side effects at all.

Using your dental care products in the correct order of application ensures that each product is fully effective without affecting the effectiveness of the others. But please remain flexible here too, because there is not just one guideline. If you are unsure, please ask us and write to the MINT Team; we will be happy to help you.

Contact the MINT team

MINT Team - Your contacts for the dental care set

Periodic review and adjustment

Review your individual dental care routine from time to time; this is important to ensure that it always meets your current needs and lifestyle habits. Oral health can change over time, be it due to age-related changes, hormonal influences, or changing living conditions. Perhaps the products that were previously used are no longer effective because they do not meet the new need. So, very important: regularly review your dental care routine and adjust it if necessary!

Another aspect is adapting to new technologies or scientific developments in the field of oral health. New dental care products or improved formulations may provide more effective results. Of course, you should benefit from this progress, so adjust your routine.

Sustainable and natural dental care products

The trend towards sustainable and natural dental care products reflects a growing sensitivity to environmental issues and a conscious, health-oriented lifestyle. These products go beyond conventional dental care products and rely on environmentally friendly formulations and natural, gentle ingredients.

Sustainable dental care products are characterized above all by their environmentally friendly orientation. This includes not only the use of recyclable or biodegradable packaging, but also the consistent reduction of the ecological footprint throughout the entire life cycle of the products. The focus is on conserving resources and minimizing waste in order to make a positive contribution to environmental protection.

In addition, these products rely on natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, aloe vera, or herbal extracts. These are not only environmentally friendly, but also offer health benefits for the consumer. The absence of synthetic additives, artificial flavors, or colors also appeals to consumers who prefer a conscious, natural lifestyle.

The benefits of sustainable and natural dental care products extend not only to individual health, but also to the environment. This conscious decision to adopt an environmentally friendly dental care routine helps to shift the overall balance towards sustainability and environmental protection and makes the daily care ritual a contribution to a greener future.

Good to know

All MINT products are vegan and free from microplastics, PEGs, parabens, triclosan, and titanium dioxide. Our packaging is climate-neutral and offers a sustainable refill option.

Find out about MINT ingredients and sustainability here!

Natural ingredients from MINT - in every dental care set

Additional tips for oral hygiene

In addition to a tailored dental care routine, there are general oral health tips that will maximize the effect of the care routine:

Regular dental visits

Routine dental checkups are crucial to detecting potential problems early and providing professional cleanings. These visits should occur at least twice a year to ensure long-term oral health.

Sufficient water supply

Water plays a key role in oral health. Not only does it help clean the mouth of food particles, but it also promotes the production of saliva, which in turn helps protect the teeth from acid attacks.

Healthy eating habits

A balanced diet has a significant impact on your oral health. Avoid sugar and instead rely on calcium-rich foods that support dental health.

Quit smoking

We all know that smoking and consuming tobacco products are harmful to our health. Numerous dental problems, such as discoloration, gum disease, and more serious oral diseases, are also caused by glowing stems.

Protection against injuries

Wearing a mouthguard is important during sporting activities to protect your teeth from injuries. Nighttime tooth grinding is also optimally minimized by wearing a splint.

Stress management

Stress has been proven to have a negative impact on oral health. Stress management strategies, such as regular relaxation exercises, can also help stabilize your oral health.

Knee splints to prevent tooth enamel wear

People who clench or grind their teeth a lot at night benefit from using a specially made aligner. It protects the teeth from wear and prevents possible subsequent problems.

Conclusion on the topic of dental care products - the right combination makes the difference

As we can see, oral health is much more than just brushing your teeth regularly. Putting individual dental care products together in a kit allows for a tailored routine that targets each individual's specific needs and concerns. From toothpaste and mouthwash to dental floss and specialized care products, these sets offer a versatile selection.

Taking specific dental care needs into account, considering lifestyle factors, and following the correct application sequence play a central role in the effectiveness of a dental care set. The integration of sustainable and natural products not only shows increasing sensitivity to environmental issues but also offers health benefits.

Think of a dental care kit not just as a collection of products but as a customizable strategy to support your oral health. Continuously reviewing and adjusting your routine can support long-term oral health. Conscious use of the dental care set is not only a daily ritual but also makes a decisive contribution to your radiant smile and healthy mouth.

In conclusion, there is nothing more beautiful than a well-groomed smile that gives us the self-confidence to go about the world openly.

Our conclusion about the dental care set - Dr. Mariana Mintcheva

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