Bitte Lächeln!

Please smile!

Please smile!

MINT is all about a healthy, bright smile. We are only too happy to tell you why this is so important and why you should laugh more.

Smiling is healthy

Laughter is good for the body in many ways. It strengthens the body's defenses and immune system, releases endorphins, and can even lower blood pressure. With 10 minutes of hearty laughter, you can even burn 50 calories! So there is so much power behind your laugh!

Smiling keeps you young

Smiling trains numerous muscles in the face and can tighten it at the same time. And as long as you feel comfortable in your own skin, you radiate it and automatically appear more likeable and younger.

Better job opportunities

Whoever smiles more seems likeable. This can be a decisive advantage, especially in the application process. Starting with the first application picture through to the job interview, if the skills of the applicants match, sympathy decides.

More productive at work

Smiling in the workplace not only lifts spirits but also increases productivity. Because if you have more fun at work, you are also more motivated. A more relaxed mood can compensate for more concentrated work phases. Laughter is a good antidote to stress.


Whether it's a smile, a mischievous grin, or a hearty smile, our MINT dental care and cosmetic products ensure a healthy and beautiful smile! 

Our tip at this point is that our “Hollywood Smile” polishing paste ensures whiter teeth, which can also remove stubborn stains such as coffee and red wine. If you want an immediate whitening effect on your teeth, you can simply use our MINT lipsticks. They are mixed with blue pigments that neutralize the yellow of the teeth and make the teeth appear brighter right away!

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