MINT Lippenstiftfarben für den Sommer 2021!

MINT lipstick colors for summer 2021!

MINT lipstick colors for summer 2021!


Summer is here, and with a slightly tanned complexion, it's especially fun to wear color! Whether bright or muted colors are a matter of taste, MINT offers a careful selection of shades. The special thing about the lipsticks - they are enriched with blue pigments. These ensure that the yellow of the teeth is less noticeable and that the teeth appear brighter at the touch of a button! So a bright smile is guaranteed!


nude tones

A MUST-HAVE for every makeup bag is the nude-colored lipstick. Suitable for everyday use and just as well suited for special appearances. The new MINT "Hollywood Nude" simply flatters every skin tone, as it automatically adapts to the natural lip color.


pink tones

The pink tones “Nude Rosé” and “Natural Rosé” provide the color highlight in summer. Bright and refreshing, the shade creates a great contrast to summery, tanned skin.


red tones

The red lipstick is the classic among lipsticks. However, red is not the same as red. There are different nuances, and with some, the teeth unfortunately appear particularly yellow. The "Red Classic" from MINT skillfully counteracts this; the strong red with enriched blue pigments conjures up a great kissable mouth and a radiant smile on top of that!

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