MINT Produktreview by Akvile Trautmann

MINT product review by Akvile Trautmann

MINT product review by Akvile Trautmann


The graceful Akvile Trautmann appreciates clear and appealing aesthetics, which is clearly reflected in her Instagram profile, @akvile_trautmann. She skillfully staged our MINT products; we love it!


Akvile Trautmann's opinion on MINT:

"The heart of an aesthetics fanatic beats faster when I see such beautiful packaging! But not only that is convincing, but also the products themselves! MINT was created by the super-likeable dentist, Dr. Mintcheva Evolved! The products are all vegan, microplastic-free, and free from animal testing!"


Your STEM favorites



MINT Hollywood Smile polishing paste

“The “ Hollywood Smile Paste ” in particular is now one of my absolute favorites! It cleans the teeth intensively thanks to the "perlite" cleaning agent, but is still gentle on the teeth. It's almost like cleaning your teeth, except that you can use the paste twice a week because the abrasion value is low; in combination with the mouthwash, it has gently whitened my teeth and even removed stubborn coffee deposits on the tooth."

MINT Lipstick "Nude Rose"

“As promised, I wanted to show you the MINT lipstick applied. I chose the color “nude rosé” and I think it makes you feel fresher and is perfect for summer. Now that the sun's rays dare to come out regularly, I love such rosé tones both on the lips and on the cheeks (you can also use the lipstick for that)! The texture is so super soft, is easy to apply, and leaves a very soft feeling on the lips.”



MINT mouthwash

"Product meets aesthetics - a big compliment to MINT for this beautiful packaging! Especially the mouthwash, which looks so nice in the bathroom! And once bought, you can simply buy and refill the refills later! Big, big like!

How important is the packaging to you when it comes to care products? Personally, I really like it when everything in my facility creates a coherent overall picture. The packaging of my care products is an absolute must! The bathroom immediately looks tidier and gives you a wellness feeling.”

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