Rund um das Zahnfleisch

Around the gums

Avoid receding gums

For many, their teeth are the focus of their daily oral care routine. Unfortunately, the gums are often neglected. It is so important to take good care of your gums, otherwise you risk receding gums, which in the worst case can lead to tooth loss.

Causes of receding gums

The most common cause of receding gums is bacteria. Certain bacteria lead to chronic inflammation in the mouth. Whereupon the gums recede, as is also the case with periodontal disease. This can be made worse by a number of factors, including:


  • vitamin deficiency
  • Smoking
  • Certain pre-existing conditions
  • vitamin deficiency


The more bacteria there are, the faster the gums recede. There is one exceptional case: "patients mad for cleaning." Despite optimal oral hygiene, the gums recede due to incorrect tooth brushing behavior, whereby teeth and gums are "scrubbed" with too much pressure with the toothbrush. The result is exposed tooth roots that are particularly sensitive to cold and heat.

The right gum care

It is all the more important to properly care for the gums. With two specially developed products, MINT ensures that the gums are optimally cared for and strengthened from the inside and outside.

How do I prevent receding gums?

The MINT gum gel contains vitamin E, which has an anti-aging effect and an anti-inflammatory effect. Our body cannot produce vitamin E itself, so we are dependent on external sources to meet our needs. The gum gel contains the important vitamin C, which strengthens the gums and counteracts cell aging. The enriched vitamin B12 also has the property of having a calming effect on irritated areas. The peppermint oil and cucumber extract also have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.


The MINT vitamin complex provides the body with important vitamins to avoid risking permanent damage to teeth and gums. For example, caries can not only be caused by a sugary diet, a nutrient deficiency can also lead to diseases of the teeth and gums. This, in turn, can result in premature tooth loss. The MINT vitamin complex therefore combines important vitamins, such as the B vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins, which are important for a healthy mucous membrane and teeth. Vitamin A, B12, and niacin contribute to maintaining a healthy mucous membrane. Folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin D also play a major role in cell division.

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