Tipps für vollere Lippen!

Tips for fuller lips!

Tips for fuller lips!

The dream of full, voluminous lips can be fulfilled in no time at all and without any surgery! We'll tell you how...


1 lip booster for more voluminous lips

Our tip: the MINT "Blue Shine - Booster & Pearls." This ensures fuller lips and whiter teeth. The "plumping booster" it contains has been proven to enlarge the lips on a biological level and thus ensure beautiful, voluminous lips.


2 shine for extra lip volume!

With the right make-up tricks, you can easily conjure up lips that look bigger. Glossy lipsticks or lip glosses are wonderfully suitable for this. The shine makes the lips stand out visually, making them look fuller. Quite the opposite of matte lipsticks, which make the lips look one-dimensional and flatter. 

Our tip: the MINT "Blue Shine - Pearls." The Lip-Blue Shine with the extra glamor effect! The shimmering pearl pigments in the lip gloss optically break the light in a special way, so that the surface of the lips appears larger and fuller.

With their glossy finish, the MINT lipsticks also provide more lip volume. Enriched with blue pigments, they also make teeth appear even brighter. 


3 Fuller lips thanks to lip liner

Lip liner can be a real miracle weapon and quickly help create more lip volume. Quite simply, by tracing the lips a little wider beyond the edge. It is important to choose the right color for the lip liner; it should match the lips or the chosen lipstick. Otherwise, it can happen that the lips look narrower.

Our tip; the MINT lip liner. This ensures long-lasting, clearly defined lips and bright white teeth. The enriched blue pigmentation makes the teeth appear whiter. Spherical silica creates a perfect gliding effect between the color pigments, resulting in high precision when applying and optimal blending.

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