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Do you want sparkling white teeth? Discover the Hollywood Smile line. Perfectly coordinated products that combine teeth whitening and protection and conjure up your Hollywood smile.




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The most beautiful accessory of Hollywood stars are sparkling white teeth and a flawless smile that almost dazzles. How do you get that perfect Hollywood smile? The secret is our Hollywood Smile Oral Care line. In addition to the new whitening toothpaste, there is now also the whitening Hollywood Smile mouthwash, which transforms your smile into an irresistible radiance à la Julia Roberts.

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  • If you have been on the whitening journey for a while, we can now bring you some good news: you have arrived!

    The innovation from MINT is in our Hollywood Smile line and contains exclusive active ingredients that are used in a unique and unprecedented combination of active ingredients and ensure the perfect whitening result.

    The main players in this innovative recipe are hydrogen peroxide and the polyphosphates it contains. For the first time, these active ingredients enable professional bleaching for daily use in the four bathroom walls at home. Unbelievable but true: visible teeth whitening occurs after the first application.

  • The short-chain polyphosphates that are in our Hollywood Smile line come directly from Japan. Bleaching takes place there using this active ingredient because it does not cause any pain sensitivity during teeth whitening and is gentle on tooth enamel and gums.

    The polyphosphate is a true all-rounder: it not only whitens teeth gently and effectively, but it also boosts the whitening effect of hydrogen peroxide. It also forms a fine protective film on the teeth that prevents new discoloration and allows dirt to simply roll off like the lotus effect.

    You have to imagine it like this: The tooth surface is positively charged like a magnet that attracts the negatively charged dirt particles. The polyphosphate attaches itself to the negatively charged ions and neutralizes the surface charge of the tooth, which means that the tooth no longer takes on new discoloration. This keeps your teeth permanently white.


Thanks to the unique and protected MPT1 Ultra Polish Technology©, the MINT Hollywood Smile toothpaste cleans particularly thoroughly and is gentle on the gums.

In addition, the whitening formula with the Hero active ingredient peroxide boosts the teeth whitening effect - the yellow pigments in the teeth are demonstrably reduced and the teeth are immediately whitened.

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How long-lasting are the results of Hollywood Smile products?

Your long-term bright white smile depends on the regular use of Hollywood Smile dental care and your individual care routine. A big plus point, however, is the protective effect of the short-chain polyphosphates it contains, which helps prevent new discoloration and preserves the beautiful whitening result in the long term.

How often should I use the products in the Hollywood Smile line to achieve visible results?

Visible whitening is evident after the first application, but for long-term results we recommend that you continue to use Hollywood Smile products regularly as recommended.

Is using the Hollywood Smile line safe for tooth enamel and gums?

Yes, all products in the Hollywood Smile line have been developed with enamel protection and sensitive teeth in mind, and the latest technologies and active ingredients guarantee the protection of enamel and gums and ensure that beautifully whitened teeth are no longer at the expense of dental health.

Is the Hollywood Smile line also suitable for sensitive teeth?

Yes, the products in the Hollywood Smile line are also suitable for sensitive teeth because they work with very low abrasion and are gentle on the enamel and gums. We recommend using our Classic toothpaste without fluoride in the evening for teeth that are very sensitive to pain in hot and cold weather. It works with hydroxyapatite, strengthens and regenerates the enamel overnight.

How is the Hollywood Smile line different from other teeth whitening products?

The Hollywood Smile line is characterized by innovative combinations of active ingredients and technologies, and for the first time enables professional tooth whitening for home use. It uses a special mixture of hydrogen peroxide and short-chain polyphosphates as well as the groundbreaking PAP technology to effectively and gently whiten teeth and prevent discoloration. The combination of these whitening active ingredients makes it possible for the first time to whiten teeth significantly at home without any disadvantages for the teeth. This means that there is no risk of sensitivity to pain and there is no need to avoid foods that discolor teeth - the so-called "white diet" is no longer necessary.

Can the Hollywood Smile line products be used on sensitive teeth?

Our active ingredient components and technologies guarantee absolutely painless tooth whitening that does not damage tooth enamel or gums. Short-chain polyphosphates from Japan and the innovative PAP technology for effective tooth whitening ensure whitening without sensitivity.

Are the bleaching results comparable to professional bleaching in the dentist's office?

Definitely! Our MINT Hollywood Smile polishing paste, for example, shows visible results after the first application, as does our new Hollywood Smile Whitening Pen. The products in the Hollywood Smile line are able to remove even stubborn discoloration and significantly whiten teeth within just a few applications. The advantage over professional bleaching at the dentist is that the short-chain polyphosphates contained in the product also form a protective film around the teeth and protect them from new discoloration. This keeps teeth whiter for longer. The 48-hour rule also does not apply, which means that you do not have to refrain from eating tooth-discoloring foods.

How often do I use Hollywood Smile toothpaste?

You can use Hollywood Smile toothpaste in the morning and evening, similar to a treatment, to achieve the greatest effect. Of course, you can also use it only in the morning and use a toothpaste from another MINT line in the evening, depending on your individual needs. MINT has products for all dental care needs, they can and should be put together individually so that your dental care covers 100% of your personal care needs.

When and how often do I use Hollywood Smile mouthwash?

We recommend using Hollywood Smile Mouthwash in the morning and in the evening after brushing your teeth. However, it can also be used in between, for example after eating, to remove residue and gently protect the teeth from discoloration.